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Ridesharing services like Uber have made urban life a great deal easier, and that’s especially true here in Southern California, where the distances between any two points are often enormous, where public transportation is spotty at best, and where few can afford to take taxis on a regular basis. Of course, there’s nothing about Uber vehicles that automatically prevent collisions, and injury accidents involving Uber drivers do occur. Fortunately, Legal Defenders is here to help Southern California auto collision victims obtain the full compensation they deserve.

Are Uber Accidents the Same as Other Auto Accidents?

Not really. The big difference has to do with the amount of insurance carried by drivers. An ordinary motorist might carry as little as the legally required 15/30 standard. ($15,000 per victim and $30,000 per accident.) Assuming the at-fault driver has no other significant assets, this can severely limit the amount of compensation a victim can receive. Uber, however, is a multi-billion dollar company with enormous assets to protect, so it makes sure that each of its drivers are carrying $1 million worth of coverage while they are on the job.

What this means is that victims in four categories may be able to obtain a much higher level of compensation, depending on the circumstances and the nature of their injuries. This breaks down as follows:

  • Pedestrians or drivers injured in a collision where the Uber driver was the at fault party.
  • Drivers who are hurt in accidents where an Uber driver is the at fault party.
  • Passengers hurt in any vehicle during an accident caused by an Uber driver.
  • Uber drivers who are hurt in accidents where another party was at fault.

Unfortunately, insurance companies typically work very hard to pay out the very least amount of money possible. Therefore, individuals in these categories are well advised to contact an outstanding law firm such as Legal Defenders to ensure that their rights are fully protected and that they receive a fair and reasonable amount of compensation.

Protecting Your Rights with Legal Defenders

The laws involving personal injury and compensation are anything but simple, and victims need to have the best possible representations. Legal Defenders boasts a long history of success, with more than $350 million raised in terms of settlements and legal judgments and a staggering success rate of 99%. Just as important, we work on a contingency fee basis, which means we don’t get paid until after our clients receive money and so our services are available to working people who simply cannot afford to pay expensive legal retainer fees.